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Stress-related psychosocial risk factors among police officers working on Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (2024-03)
Maguire, Linda and Sondhi, Arun
The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles, 97(1) (pp. 56-72)

Exploring Reasons for Non-Engagement From a Peer-Led Diversionary Intervention for Veterans in Police Custody (2024)
Sondhi, Arun; Maguire, Linda; Leidi, Alessandro and Weston, Claire
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology ((Early access))

A systematic mapping of public health primary prevention interventions with relevance for policing (2023-06)
Sondhi, Arun and Williams, Emma
International Journal of Police Science & Management, 25(2) (pp. 148-156)

Understanding Factors Associated with Burnout Symptoms amongst Investigators working on Rape and Serious Sexual Offence (RASSO) investigations in England and Wales (2023)
Sondhi, Arun; Harding, Richard; Maguire, Linda and Williams, Emma
Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 17 ((Early Access))

A Narrative Review of the Literature on the Recruitment of Younger Police Officers in Age and in Service: What Are the Implications for the Police in England and Wales? (2022-12)
Williams, Emma and Sondhi, Arun
Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 16(4) (pp. 648-662)