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Dr Aqueel Wahga

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am associated with The Open University since October 2012; first as a PhD student (2012-2017) and after that as a Central Academic.

Professional memberships:

  • Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE), Member 
  • British Academy of Management (BAM), Member 
  • Sustainable Development Research Network (SDRN), Member

Research interests

My research interests broadly relate to entrepreneurship, enterprise development, enterprise policy, innovation, sustainability, dynamic capabilities of firms, SMEs and entrepreneurial universities. I also have interest in exploring socio-economic and political issues. My current research looks into the microfoundations of environmental capabilities in leatherworking SMEs, while also examining the environmental drivers and barriers in these firms. This research particularly investigates the role of intermediaries that are related to the leatherworking sector and are acting as proto-institutional actors having the aim to institutionalise and advance environmental practices in Pakistan. The other research stream examines the dynamics of entrepreneurial character of universities in emerging economies, especially Pakistan.

Teaching interests

I have multiple teaching interests ranging from entrepreneurship and enterprise policy to innovation, sustainability, business studies, business research methods, business ethics, microeconomics and macroeconomics. Currently, I am a module chair for B205 Exploring Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The other modules I am team member of include B100 An Introduction to Business and Management; B327 Creating futures: sustainable enterprise and innovation and BB846 Entrepreneurship: experience and perspective.


Understanding the Drivers of Sustainable Entrepreneurial Practices in Pakistan’s Leather Industry: A Multi-Level Approach (2018)
Wahga, Aqueel; Blundel, Richard and Schaefer, Anja
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, 24(2) (pp. 382-407)

Human Capital and Environmental Engagement of SMEs in Pakistan: A Comparative Analysis of the Leather Industry (2018-01)
Wahga, Aqueel; Blundel, Richard and Schaefer, Anja
In: Spence, Laura J.; Frynas, Jedrzej G.; Muthuri, Judy and Navare, Jyoti eds. Research Handbook on Small Business Social Responsibility: Global Perspectives. Edward Elgar Research Handbooks (pp. 401-412)
ISBN : 978-1-78471-181-8 | Publisher : Edward Elgar | Published : Cheltenham

[Case Study] Reducing the negative environmental impact of SMEs in Pakistan’s leather and tanning industry (2017-10-25)
Smith, Anne M. and Wahga, Aqueel Imtiaz
In: Hastings, Gerard and Domegan, Christine eds. Social Marketing: Rebels with a Cause (3rd ed) (pp. 468-477)
ISBN : 9781138123823 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon

Proto-Institutions, Sustainability and SMEs: A Systematic Literature Review (2020)
Aslam, Raees; Blundel, Richard and Wahga, Aqueel
In : The 42nd Annual Conference of the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (14-15 Nov 2019, New Castle)

Policy framework to overcome barriers to environmental improvement in Pakistan’s leatherworking SMEs (2019)
Wahga, Aqueel Imtiaz; Blundel, Richard and Schaefer, Anja
In : The British Academy of Management (BAM) 2019 Conference Proceedings (3-5 Sep 2019, Aston University, Birmingham United Kingdom)

Human Capital and Environmental Engagement of SMEs in Pakistan: A Comparative Analysis of the Leather Industry (2015)
Wahga, Aqueel; Blundel, Richard and Schaefer, Anja
In : ISBE Annual Conference 2015 (11 to 12 Nov, Glasgow)

Fan Industry of Pakistan: Growth Dynamics of Small, Medium and Large Enterprises (2010-01-28)
Wahga, Aqueel Imtiaz; Rahim, Eric; Aftab, Khalid; Ahson, Uzair and Aslam, Raees
Allied Press Pvt. Limited, 26 Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore, Pakistan, Pakistan.