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Learning at Work Week

Learning at Work Week 2022 runs from 16 to 22 May on the theme 'Learning Uncovered'.

Learning at Work Week focuses on deepening our understanding, knowledge and engagement in lifelong and continual learning by exploring why it’s important to be lifelong learners. There are three Learning Uncovered strands; Uncover learning potential, Uncover hidden powers and Uncover new dimensions.

We have put together a number of free resources within each strand for learning in your own time. We hope you enjoy dipping in and out of these resources, and you can explore more about all of these topics or anything else that interests you on OpenLearn or FutureLearn, for free, at any time.

If you'd like to take part in our daily learning task challenge, look out for the five daily tasks listed below. Each task can be completed within 4 - 20 minutes.

Lunch and Learn: Project Management: Uncover the key to stakeholder success

Thursday 19 May 13:00 - 13:30

Stakeholder management skills are becoming increasingly important across all sectors, and the ability to quickly build relationships and influence stakeholders is a key element of delivering project success.

In this 30-minute Lunch and Learn session, OU academic Jean Gamester, uncovers how to identify and influence your stakeholders by sharing a behind the scenes look at some easy to apply, effective tools and techniques that you can apply straight away from the OU’s Business Management: Project Management microcredential.

Watch the recording here


Uncover learning potential

Being a lifelong learner can help you to become more confident, curious, purposeful and skilled. Learning enriches us, bringing joy, connection and a deeper understanding of the world. 

Learning can help you to achieve your personal aspirations, goals and potential.

Uncover your learning potential by completing the learning activities below.

Icon of headphones

Daily Task One

Open up your learning Podcast: Microcredentials

This episode of the ‘Open up your learning’ podcast series explores microcredentials, short courses specifically designed to enhance professional skills, knowledge and experience in a particular subject area.

Listen to the episode to understand what microcredentials can do for you and then explore the latest microcredential courses available from The Open University.

Icon of book, computer mouse and compass

Daily Task Two

The power of quiet leadership

Leaders don't need to be loud and confident. Research on more introverted styles of leadership has shown that introverts may be far better suited to today’s challenges.

Read this article to understand the key challenges for quiet leaders. Learn how to overcome these challenges and uncover your introverted leadership powers.

People using a cup and string phone

Sure, I know how to talk to people!

Good communication skills are key in both your work and social life. Because talking to other people is part of everyday life, you may feel that you naturally possess these skills.

In this course you will discover that a little psychological knowledge about interactions will help you to prepare for conversations in a way that will enable you to become an even more skilled communicator. 

Hands holding a compass

Making decisions

Do you hate making decisions? Does the ability of others to make snap decisions really frustrate you?

After studying this course, you will have a greater insight into decision-making processes, possess a range of different perspectives on what counts as an 'effective' decision, and be better equipped to understand risk.

Multiple people turning cogs

Difference and challenge in teams

In this course you will look at how teams ‘travel’ together on a journey of development. Those journeys are hardly ever smooth.

The course encourages you to recognise difference and challenge amongst individuals in the team who are pulling in different directions. It will help you identify where such challenges can be embraced for the benefit of your team and your organisation.

Icon of a woman walking with icons representing money, health and wellbeing

Midlife MOT: wealth, work and wellbeing

Your midlife years will probably be a very hectic time. You may be in a challenging job, trying to find a new role or looking after the kids or your parents. Maybe you’re putting time and energy into a whole new way of life.

All of that could even be happening at once! Complete our wealth, work and wellbeing check-ups to help you look at what’s working perfectly and what needs attention.


Uncover hidden powers

Organisations have a wealth of skills and experience that all colleagues have developed both within work and in their personal lives. This knowledge may span languages, creative arts, science, history, management and more.

Sharing everyone’s hidden powers and talents can amplify skills and build connection with your colleagues.

Uncover your hidden powers by completing the learning activities below.

Making creativity and innovation happen

Creativity and innovation address ways of doing things better and differently, both at an individual and organisational level.

This free course focuses on where creativity comes from and how it can be developed. You will learn how organisations can effectively, and creatively, tackle challenges to be more successful.

Fingerprints on a wooden block

Forensic psychology

Explore how your own mind works, and discover how the limitations of the human brain can lead to major miscarriages of justice.

This course explores the psychology of eyewitness testimony. Using videos of real witnesses you will go behind the scenes of a police investigation and test your cognitive skills as you try to solve a crime using only eyewitness evidence.

Wordcloud with 'communities' the largest word at the centre

Empowering communities

All communities have the capacity to grow and develop, but for some reason not all communities do so.

In this course you will be introduced to the most common forms of community empowerment, and explore the barriers to community empowerment and ways that these can be overcome.

Map of 'Plan', 'Idea' and 'Success' interconnected

Entrepreneurship – from ideas to reality

Are you looking to set up your own business? Are you wondering how to turn your ideas into reality?

Discover more about setting up and running your own business in this course. Using case studies, you will understand the decisions you need to make: from generating ideas through to deciding what you will do and how you will grow your business.

Icon of a star coming out of a box

Daily Task Three

'I went from prisoner to PhD'

Stephen Akpabio-Klementowski tells the extraordinary story of how he transformed his life through education.

Watch this video to listen to Stephen's story and be inspired about how to uncover your own hidden powers.

Icon of a microphone

Daily Task Four

Your 'crazy busy' life

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a crazy busy life?

In this TED talk, ER doctor Darria Long shares how doctors in the emergency room stay calm and focused amidst the chaos, and teaches you a straightforward framework to help take back control.

If you are an OUBS Alumni, you can watch our webinar on being 'crazy busy' at work.


Uncover new dimensions

We are experiencing significant changes in both our life and work due to global challenges such as climate change and the pandemic. Our lives are becoming more digital, requiring new methods to work, learn and connect.

As the world of work changes there is an importance in refreshing our skills in order to support mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

Uncover new dimensions by completing the learning activities below.


Icon of a person looking at a computer screen with charts on

Using data to aid organisational change

Organisations need to implement change to respond to new challenges and survive within a complex and competitive world.

This course explores how to use data to inform a change you would like to make within a business context. It looks at the information you can gather to inform your proposed change, and how to evaluate data to use it as part of this transformation.

Language and creativity

What is linguistic creativity and why is it important know more about it? 

After completing this course you will understand the relationship between language and creativity, the roles that linguistic creativity plays in culture and society, and the different approaches to its study.

Icons of people interconnected into a network all over the earth

Making sense of ourselves

Do you want to gain an introduction to well-known psychological topics and how psychologists can address these topics?

In this course you will learn some of the key aspects of prejudice and why they are important, describe basic elements in the study of personal relationships, and understand the role of theory of mind in researching child development.

Map of the UK

An introduction to UK immigration law

This free short course is likely to be of particular interest to anyone considering becoming an immigration adviser.

After you have completed the course, you will know more about the work of an immigration advisor, the main sources of UK immigration law, the key terminology related to immigration law, and several practicial and professional skills required for this area.

Icon of a lightbulb

Daily Task Five

The benefits of flexible thinking

Situations change, and so it's important to be able to adjust and behave in the most functional way to achieve your goals.

Watch this video to understand why exposing yourself to new experiences helps you think more flexibly - and enables you to cope better with life's challenges.

Image of person working on a laptopLearning at Work Week Webinar archive

We have been a supporter of Learning at Work Week for a number of years and have a playlist of webinars freely available on our YouTube channel, which also contains a host of other video resources from the Business School.

Visit the archive

Formal Learning

If any of this has inspired you to explore studying with us, please visit our Study pages and find out more about all our courses. You can also find out more about all the courses The Open University offers on the website.

Campaign for Learning

Learning at Work Week takes place in May every year. It is coordinated by the Campaign for Learning and activities are led by companies and organisations in their workplaces.