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Tam Nguyen

Research student

Tam Nguyen is affiliated with The Open University's Department of Accounting and Finance.

You can email Tam Nguyen directly; but for media enquiries please contact a member of The Open University's Media Relations team.


Tam is a research student in Social Marketing at The Open University Business School. She joined The Open University in October 2015 to undertake her Master in Research Methodology as a foundation step to further her studies in PhD which commenced in October 2016. Before joining The Open University Business School, she graduated with a Master in International Marketing Strategy from the University of Northampton. Prior to her academic background in Marketing in the UK, Tam has over 7 years experience in diversified roles in commercial marketing such as PR Manager, Brand Manager and Project Manager in different sectors such as branding and advertising, supply chain, eco real estates and entrepreneur club in Vietnam.

Research Interest
  • Social marketing in promoting desirable financial behaviour change and well-being across cultures.
  • The use of financial education as an intervention to promote financial behaviour change and well-being.
  • Human behaviour in relation to their financial capability and well-being.

Current research

Social Marketing and Financial Well-being

PhD Project

Her current project is exloring the adaptation of social marketing in changing the financial management behaviours to improve financial well-being. Financial education, a social marketing product is designed as a financial behaviour change intervention. Her research is evaluating the impact of an online course in personal finance towards financial behaviour change and financial well-being of learners. Her research also is exploring the associations between human needs, satisfaction, financial capability and well-being in developing financial behaviour change interventions. 

Money Advice Service Project

Tam has been working as a part-time research assistant in a research project conducted by the True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding of Finance at The Open University, funded by the Money Advice Service’s What Works Fund. The project assesses whether a targeted, behaviourally-informed, online financial education intervention can improve the day-to-day financial behaviour and well-being of the people most at risk of falling into financial difficulties – working-age adults who are not yet in significant financial difficulty but are living close to the edge and have little resilience to any financial shocks. The project will finish in May 2018.