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Laura Reeves

Research student

Laura Reeves is affiliated with The Open University's Department of People and Organisations.

You can email Laura Reeves directly; but for media enquiries please contact a member of The Open University's Media Relations team.


I have a BA Honours Degree in Business Studies and Law, from the University of Warwick, along with a Masters in Law from The University of Southampton. 

Outside of my research, I’m a very loyal (even when I shouldn’t be – take for instance the Ashes defeat) cricket fan. I both play and watch cricket regularly and love to take a trip to a cricket match. 

Current research

How has Brexit Impacted EU Citizens Sense of Identity and Belonging in the Workplace? How Should Employers Respond?

I have always been interested in people; how they behave, what influences behaviour, and how they feel based on the environment around them. My current research project involves the understanding of BREXIT and how it has affected EU citizen’s identity and belonging in the workplace. I’m very interested to see how people feel they identify with a divided society and how this has impacted on organisations. Consequently what managers will have to do to re-establish a ‘level playing field’ for people at work?