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Scholarship: the Future Leader Fund

Thanks to the generosity of our Alumni, we are able to offer a scholarship for the first two modules of the MBA to someone with the potential to be a Future Leader. The fund is aimed at those early in their careers that view the MBA as the essential next step in accelerating their success.

Upon successful completion of B870 and B872, the Beneficiary will be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration, the first award on the pathway to an MBA.


In 2018, the scholarship was awarded to Laura Webber. Laura works for an NGO in the UK and commenced her studies with OUBS in May.

Edited transcript of video

My name is Laura Webber and I’m the Beneficiary of this year’s Future Leader Fund.

I’m a Director of Public Health Modelling at the UK Health Forum in London, and the role of my organisation, which is an NGO, is focussing on the prevention of chronic diseases. I look at how chronic diseases might change in the future due to risk factors such as smoking or obesity, and the impact interventions can have.

I applied for the Future Leader Fund at this stage of my career because I felt I needed additional professional development, and also as a manager I wanted to gain greater insight into how I could become a better manager. Also, working for a small organisation, which is currently going through a lot of period of change, I wanted to better understand that change and how we can ensure that it is as successful as it could be.

From completing Stage 1 of the OU MBA, I’m hoping to become a better manager myself, but also be able to understand better how organisations run, especially small organisations. And also learn a lot about business, which could be implemented in the Public Sector or the Third Sector where I work, where I think they could benefit a lot from understanding business-generating profit that could then be put back into the charity.

I’m really grateful for the Alumni’s generosity in allowing me to do this MBA, because it wouldn’t have been possible. I’m really excited to start the MBA. It is really challenging in between a full-time job, but I am enjoying getting back into studying. So, I’d like to say thank you to the Alumni.

Support a scholarship

If you are an MBA graduate and would like to support a scholarship, you can donate via The Open University donations page and choose 'MBA Future Leaders Fund' from the dropdown menu.

How to apply

 Applications for 2020 will open in September.

Entry requirements

Entrants must meet the entry requirements for the OU MBA. To be eligible to apply, you must have:

  • A Bachelors degree awarded with honours from a recognised UK university or the overseas equivalent
  • A minimum of three years’ experience in a managerial, professional or technical role
  • Good knowledge of the English Language (to International English Language Test System (IELTS) score of 6.5)

If you do not hold the required qualifications you can benefit from the Open Entry route. The scholarship is open to all territories currently served by the MBA.

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