(Edited transcript of the interview)

Why did you choose to study with the OU Business School?

I chose the OU Business School because of its truly international orientation and I also liked the blended learning approach which enabled me to keep up with my job and study at the same time.

What was your highlight of study?

The highlight, we had a very good class, a very good international class. We supported one another, we had fabulous facilitators and tutors who are very helpful and what I specifically appreciated was that the material presented on the courses were really up to speed.

Career impact

After completing the MBA study, I had the opportunity to join one of the leading business schools in the UK in the role of faculty member and senior consultant. I suppose without the MBA it would have been difficult to make that career step.

Overall study experience

My study experience was excellent and having taught on several MBA programmes worldwide even now in hindsight I think it was one of the best MBA programmes.

This testimonial was filmed as part of a celebratory alumni event in Berlin in April 2015 – celebrating the 25th anniversary of the OU MBA.

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