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Ariane Hillig

Research student

Ariane Hillig is affiliated with The Open University's Department of Accounting and Finance.

You can email Ariane Hillig directly; but for media enquiries please contact a member of The Open University's Media Relations team.


Ariane holds a B.A. from Berlin School of Economics and Law and a Master’s degree in International Business from the HTW University of Applied Sciences. During her master’s thesis she employed a Polanyian approach, which underlines the conflict between democratization on a national level and economic liberalization on a global scale, in order to analyse the causes and consequences of economic imbalances. Ariane recently completed her Master of Research at The Open University Business School where she examined the role of economic policies in Minsky’s financial instability hypothesis, applied in an open economy experiencing a real estate bubble. Currently, she is a researcher at The Open University Business School on a three-year PhD programme.

Ariane started lecturing at the university in the third semester of her M.A. studies. Since then she has been a lecturer at the HTW University of Applied Sciences as well as Berlin School of Economics and Law. Her courses included Introduction to Economics as well as Macroeconomics, International Economics and Financial Accounting. Additionally, Ariane worked in the private sector for several years.

Current research

Reconsidering Financialization: The Role of Households

Her current research explores how financialization takes place in daily life by using a balanced portfolio view while recognizing the impact of social, institutional and historical surroundings. The aim is to integrate macro-structural and micro-interactional aspects and develop a better understanding of financialization.