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Postgraduate research topics

Current research degrees

Accounting and Finance

Corporate Governance in Africa and Firm Financial Performance

PhD research by Geofry Areneke

Political Economy of Finance and its Research Module

MRes research by Jose Fevereiro

An Investigation of the Behavioural Aspects of Unintentional Over-Compliance in Irish income Tax

PhD research by Kieran Gallery

Reconceptualizing Financialization: The Role of Households

PhD research by Ariane Hillig

Financial Diversification during the Globalization Era: Lessons from Economic History

PhD research by Carolyn Keber

Governance of Banking/Financial Institutions in Africa

PhD research by Danson Kimani

How an Individual’s Perception of their Wealth Impacts upon their Financial Decision-Making

MRes research by Wendy Love

Digital Reporting and the Constitutive Entanglement of Material Technology, Business, Regulators and Society

PhD research by Lidia Mishchenko

A Political Economy of Modern Finance and its Economic Consequences

PhD research by Graeme Smith

The management accounting needs of small enterprises and the role of small accounting practices

PhD research by Vandana Tripathi

Financialization and Structural Change

PhD research by Davide Villani

People and Organisations

The Customer is Always Right? An Exploration of Academic-Student Identities within the Managerialised University

PhD research by Carlos Azevedo

Opening up Management to Inclusion? Civil Society, Managerialism and the Alternative Forms of Organising: A Study of Not for Profit Organizations Working to Support Immigrants

PhD research by Marco Distinto

A Thematic Analysis of Leadership Authenticity

PhD research by Giovanni Ghisetti

Emotion and financial decision making

PhD research by Paul Grayson

The Concept of Creativity within Multicultural Virtual Teams Working Across Changing Trading Borders

PhD research by Paul Hemphill

Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum: Liminality and Gendered Identities among Military Personnel as they Transition onto Civvy Street

PhD research by Caroline Micklewright

Emotional Intelligence and the Manager's Identity: A Discursive Analysis

PhD research by Joan Noguera

Exploring Strategic Performance Management in Non-Profit Organizations

PhD research by Mark Rodgers

Does Psychology Offer a Better Guide Than Economics to Understanding Individual Financial Behaviour

PhD research by Christine Ruschak

Monitoring and Managing Globalization: Critically Investigating the Relationship between Surveillance and International Development

PhD research by Rianne ten Veen

Exploring the 'Seduced' Surveilled Subject and the Possibilities of Everyday Resistance: The Case of Smart Phones as means of Facilitating 'Seductive' Surveillance

PhD research by Pinelopi Troullinou

Emotional and Cognitive Factors in Financial Decision-Making

MRes research by Ernest Wong

Exploring the Intersectionality of Gender and Disability in the Workplace

PhD research by Gemma Wright

Public Leadership and Social Enterprise

Employee Engagement in Corporate Greening: A Study of Belarusian Companies

PhD research by Olga Andrianova

Institutional Resilience? Developing an Enhanced Model for Catchment Based Collaborative Governance

PhD research by Beth Hammett

The Ethics of Demand Management in Policing

PhD research by Ben Hargreaves

Voluntary Sector Leadership in the Context of Cross-Sector Collaborations

PhD research by Daniel Haslam

A Qualitative Study Looking at the Concept of a 'Global Majority' Framework of Leadership

PhD research by Lace Jackson

Impact Investing, Enterprise Development and Inclusive Governance

PhD research by Richmond Lamptey

The Voluntary Sector: Creating, Assessing and Evidencing Public and Social Value

PhD research by Cristina Mititelu

Development and 'Buen Vivir': The Governance and Impacts of Indigenous Community-Based Enterprises in the Andean Region

PhD research by Andres Morales Pachon

Ethical Leadership as Lived Experience

PhD research by Jay Nugent

City Leadership in European Cities

PhD research by Michela Pagani

Creating Collaborative Advantage for Public and Social Value

PhD research by Akash Puranik

The Performance of Democratic Practice in Development Organisations

PhD research by Nela Smolovic-Jones

The Impact of Entrepreneurial Capital on Environmental Improvement in SMEs: Contemporary Practices and Interventions in the Leather Sector of Pakistan

PhD research by Aqueel Wahga

A New Phase of Collaborative Leadership in the Voluntary Sector

MRes research by Lindsay Wilson-Jones

Moral identity work in senior business practitioners: How can understanding the individual moral identity work of practitioners help elucidate broader issues of corporate ethical behaviour?

PhD research by Maria Wishart

Strategy and Marketing

The Internationalisation of Corporate Social Responsibility: Non-Market Strategy in Global Context

PhD research by Nicola Croxton

How Digital is Impacting Marketing Strategy

PhD research by Ketty Grishikashvili

Management Consultancy as Practice

MRes research by Jeanette Hartley

The Communicative Constitution and Transportation of Authority in Organizing

PhD research by David Hollis

The Role of Trust in Social Computing

PhD research by Qunying Huo

Digital Entrepreneurship

MRes research by Jo Jordan

How Ethnic Minority Culturally Derived Identities and Related Consumer Behaviours Change on Becoming a Parent

PhD research by Katy Kerrane

Social Media Usage and Consumption Behaviour of Kenya's Young Consumers: An Empirical Study

PhD research by Gidraph Michuki

Innovation from Corporate Social Responsibility to Creating Shared Value - Basic Need Fulfillment at the Bottom of the Pyramid: an Analysis of MNC FMCG Firms and their Approach in India

PhD research by Gauri Misra

Social Marketing and Financial Well-being

PhD research by Tam Nguyen

An investigation into the use of Partnership Marketing in public health campaigns in England

PhD research by David Shaw

Supermarkets of Love? How Online Daters Navigate Intimate Relations

PhD research by Anton Siebert

An ethnographic approach to understanding the co-production of social space in organizations

PhD research by Joanne Vincett

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