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The leadership of place and people in the new English combined authorities (2020)
Roberts, Jane
Local Government Studies, 46(6) (pp. 995-1014)

Exiting the political stage: exploring the impact on representative democracy. (2019-12)
Roberts, Jane
British Politics, 14 (pp. 391-407)

The Underappreciated Loss of Political Office (2019)
Roberts, Jane
Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives on Stress and Coping, 24(8) (pp. 706-720)

Rethinking Civic Roles (2019-02-27)
Roberts, Jane
In: Tam, Henry ed. Whose government is it?: The renewal of state-citizen cooperation (pp. 195-212)
ISBN : 978-1-5292-0094-2 | Publisher : Bristol University Press