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Professor Edoardo Eriprando Ongaro

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Professor of Public Management
  • The Faculty of Business and Law
  • The Open University Business School
  • Department for Public Leadership and Social Enterprise
  • edoardo.ongaro

Professional biography

I am Professor of Public Management at The Open University, UK. Previously I held positions at Northumbria University, as Professor of International Public Services Management, and SDA Bocconi School of Management and Bocconi University, where I still serve as Visiting Professor of Management of International and Supranational Organizations.

Since September 2013 I serve as the President of EGPA, the European Group for Public Administration, having been in the Steering Committee of EGPA since 2009. During the period 2006-09 I have been one of the chairs of the EGPA Permanent Study Group on Intergovernmental Relations, and over 2010-13 a chair of the Permanent Study Group on EU Administration and Multi-Level Governance.

I have served in various academic and expert committees and contributed to numerous international research projects. I have been visiting professor and invited speakers at various institutions in Europe, the Americas and Asia. I am an editor of Public Policy and Administration.

I have published extensively on the topic of administrative reforms and comparative public management. Works include The Palgrave Handbook of Public Administration and Management in Europe (Palgrave, 2017, co-edited with Sandra van Thiel); Philosophy and Public Administration: An Introduction (Elgar, 2017); Strategic Management in Public Services Organizations: Concepts, Schools and Contemporary Issues (2015, Routledge, co-authored with Ewan Ferlie); Multi-Level Governance: The Missing Linkages (editor, 2015, Emerald); and Public Management Reform and Modernization: Trajectories of Administrative Change in Italy, France, Greece, Portugal and Spain (2009, Elgar); also published with Elgar are: Governance and Intergovernmental Relations in the European Union and the United States: Theoretical perspectives, 2010, and Policy, Performance and Management in Governance and Intergovernmental Relations: Transatlantic Perspectives, 2011 (both co-edited with Marc Holzer, Andrew Massey and Ellen Wayenberg).

My formal education includes a PhD from King's College London, an MPhil from The London School of Economics and Political Science, and MSc/BSc from Politecnico di Milano. I speak English, French, Italian and (to a lesser degree) Spanish.  

Professor Ongaro is Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences.  

Research interests

  • Public Management

  • Public Policy and Administration

  • Comparative Public Administration/Comparative Analysis of Public Management Reform

  • Strategic Management in Public Services Organisations

  • Organisation of the Public Sector

  • Management and Governance of European Union Institutions

  • Multi-level Frameworks of governance and Intergovernmental Relations

Teaching interests

I teach a range of topics, at all levels of education (undergraduate, postgraduate, research seminars and PhD level, Continuing Professional Education, executive education). I have a long experience training current and prospetive public managers and managers for the common good and the public interest.  

Impact and engagement

Main academic commitments and contribution to the field of Public Administration and Management:

  • President of the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA), the learned society for the study and practice of public administration, public management and the administrative sciences in Europe

  • Co-Editor of Public Policy and Administration, journal of the UK Joint University Council of the Applied Social Sciences – Public Administration Committee 

  • Book Series Co-Editor ‘Policy, Institutional and Administrative Change’, Book Series of the publisher Edward Elgar

  • Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences (FAcSS) of the United Kingdom

Other engagements and projects include:

 - Co-Coordinator (with Walter Kickert) of the project "The influence of the EU on the administrative reform policy in countries under fiscal consolidation" (project supported by Erasmus University Rotterdam)

 - General Rapporteur of the COST Action IS1207 ‘Local Public Sector Reforms: An International Comparison’ (2016-)

 - Member of the International Chapter Development Taskforce of the American Society for Public Administration – ASPA (August 2016 – March 2017)

 - Member of the Advisory Board of the Civil Service Reform Fellowship at the Irish Government, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (2014-16)

 - OECD- SIGMA: Author of the discussion paper on the general findings of the project "Public Internal Controls in Europe"

 - Member of the Steering Committee of the FP7 project ‘Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future - COCOPS’ (2010-2014)

 - Member of the list of Experts for the Visitors Programme of the Bureau of European Policy Advisors (BEPA) of the President of the European Commission (since April 2011)

 - Member (independent expert) of the Reference Group for the 2009 evaluation of EU agencies conducted by the European Commission

 - Invited expert  at the Ateliers on Multi Level Governance of the Presidency of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union (2008)


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