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Dr Claudia Simoes

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
International Management Practice, Education and Learning ThemeThemeThe Faculty of Business and Law


Establishing the scope of marketing practice: insights from practitioners (2014)
Dibb, Sally; Simoes, Claudia and Wensley, Robin
European Journal of Marketing, 48(1-2) (pp. 380-404)
Reconceptualizing brand identity in a dynamic environment (2013)
Da Silveira, C.; Lages, C. and Simões, C.
Journal of Business Research, 66(1) (pp. 28-36)
Knowledge dissemination in the global service marketing community (2013)
Lages, Cristiana R.; Simoes, Claudia M. N.; Fisk, Raymond P. and Kunz, Werner H.
Managing Service Quality, 23(4) (pp. 272-290)
Informing a new business-to-business relationship: corporate identity and the emergence of a relationship identity (2012)
Simões, Cláudia and Mason, Katy J.
European Journal of Marketing, 46(5) (pp. 684-711)
Modeling antecedents of student loyalty in higher education (2012)
Perina, Marcelo Gattermann; Sampaio, Claudio Hoffmann; Simões, Cláudia and Pólvora de Pólvora, Rosiane
Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 22(1) (pp. 101-116)
Students' trust, value and loyalty: evidence from higher education in Brazil (2012)
Sampaio, Claudio Hoffmann; Perin, Marcelo Gattermann; Simoes, Claudia and Kleinowski, Hamilton
Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 22(1) (pp. 83-100)
Marketing metrics: insights from Brazilian managers (2011-01)
Sampaio, Cláudio Hoffmann; Simoes, Cláudia; Perin, Marcelo Gattermann and Almeida, Alessandro
Industrial Marketing Management, 40(1) (pp. 8-16)
Applying to higher education: information sources and choice factors (2010)
Simões, Cláudia and Soares, Ana Maria
Studies in Higher Education, 35(4) (pp. 371-389)