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Dr Caroline Moraes

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer in Marketing
  • The Faculty of Business and Law
  • The Open University Business School
  • Department for Strategy and Marketing
  • caroline.moraes

Professional biography

Caroline Moraes is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the Open University Business School. She has extensive experience of research, administration, learning and teaching in higher education. Prior to joining The Open University, she worked at Brunel University, Coventry University and the University of Birmingham.

Caroline has published her work in various journals including Psychology & Marketing, the Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Marketing Management, International Journal of Consumer Studies, the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Consumption Markets & Culture and the Journal of Travel Research.

Her research has been funded by the ASSC First Grant Scheme, the Academy of Marketing, the ESRC Festival of Social Science and, more recently, through a Catalyst Evolve (ACE) project. She has acted as an expert witness on consumer autonomy and choice for the Food and Fairness Inquiry organised by the Food Ethics Council in London, and as a guest speaker for both Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and Responsible Trade Worldwide (RTW). Caroline has written impact papers for Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and The Conversation.

She is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Advertising Research and has acted as a reviewer for a number of academic journals as well as the ESRC. Additionally, she is a trustee and board member of Craftspace, an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.

Before embarking on her academic career, Caroline worked in market research and held international advertising account management posts in the advertising industry.

Research interests

Caroline's interpretive research programme focuses on conceptualising ethics in consumption and marketing, and understanding relevant societal and policy implications arising from this research.

She has approached this research activity firstly through a focus on the interplay between ethical consumption, communities and marketing. Caroline is particularly interested in topics including consumer power and empowerment, collective acts of consumer resistance, consumer activism, consumers’ views on the morality of marketing practice, as well as ethical and sustainable consumption behaviour such as 'reduce, reuse and repair,' voluntary simplicity and downshifting.

Another strand of Caroline's research focuses on social marketing and SME business ethics. Main topics of interest in this area include the use of social marketing theories to foster healthy eating, responsible alcohol consumption and physical exercise, the diffusion of sustainable consumption behaviours in local communities, as well as creative SME responsibility and social enterprises.

An emergent area of research interest entails the relationship between markets, marketing and the arts, including topics related to corporate responsibility and arts philanthropy, and individual giving to arts organisations.

Teaching interests

Caroline has a PGCE in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Her lecturing experience has been gained at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, both in the UK and internationally. Caroline has developed and taught a range of marketing modules including principles of marketing, marketing communications, marketing ethics and qualitative research methods. She has also supervised doctoral students and over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations.

Caroline is the Curriculum Leader for Marketing and also the Production Leader for B206 Marketing. She is also involved in the MOOC Assessment Module BXM 871 and will supervise two PhD researchers this academic year.

Impact and engagement

Research on Consumer and SME Responsibility in the Jewellery Sector

Research on Ethical Consumption and Consumer Resistance

  • Moraes, C. and Carrigan, M. (2014) “Flexibility in Ethical Consumption and the Role for Ethical Spaces,” invited seminar delivered for Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Corporate Roundtable, London, 14th January 2014.
  • Moraes, C. and Carrigan, M. (2013) “Consumer Practices: Ethical or Flexible? Paper prepared for the Responsible Trade Worldwide whitepaper for industry, ‘Achieving supply chain transparency – from compliance to engagement, an assessment and commentary on the worker voice in supply chains’. This was a joint academic and industry analysis commissioned by Responsible Trade Worldwide to examine supply chain transparency and the future of ethical production. Contributors to the whitepaper also include the Ethical Fashion Forum, Sainsburys and Impactt Ltd. Contributors also spoke at the Responsible Trade Worldwide event, Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, 25th September 2013. Available from:
  • Moraes, C. (2013) “Consumers won’t boycott Apple or Google over tax…yet”, The Conversation, 29th May, available at This was a headline news blog article examining whether tax avoidance exposés really have an impact on consumer behaviour. The article had over 1,000 clicks.
  • Moraes, C. (2009), “Consumer Autonomy and Choice,” Expert Witness presentation at the Food and Fairness Inquiry, Fair Say: Autonomy and Voice, London, 26th November 2009, Food Ethics Council.


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