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Dr Bjorn Claes

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Professional biography

Björn has joined the faculty of The Open University Business School in January 2012 from Cranfield School of Management. He holds a PhD and International MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

Björn is particularly interested in the human factors in Operations and Supply Chain Management. His other research interests include the implementation of management information systems and entrepreneurship. He is a co-founder and former board member of the College of Human Behaviour in Operations Management of the Production and Operations Management Society.

In his teaching Björn maintains a pragmatic approach to supply chain management issues, emphasizing the need for a cross functional approach towards optimizing companies’ supply chains. His industry experience, acquired in the area of supply chain management but also in international sales and marketing and acquired over a period of nearly a decade, allows him to illustrate the cases and examples discussed in class from different perspectives.

Currently living in the UK, Björn is originally from The Netherlands but has also lived and worked in Spain, Chile and the Dominican Republic. He speaks Dutch, English, Spanish and German. He is married and has one son and one daughter.

Research interests

Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Behavior, Managememt Information Systems, Change Management, Entrepreneurship

Teaching interests

Supply Chain Management, Operations Management

External collaborations

Björn regularly teaches Operations and Supply Chain Management at IE Business School in Madrid in Spain, and at the Kedge Business School in Bordeaux and Marseille in France


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