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Dr Alessandro Sancino

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer in Management
  • The Faculty of Business and Law
  • The Open University Business School
  • Department for Public Leadership and Social Enterprise
  • alessandro.sancino

Professional biography

Alessandro (31) is a Lecturer in Management of Open University Business School (UK), Department of Public Leadership & Social Enterprise. He graduated cum laude from Bocconi University (Italy) where he obtained a Bachelor and a Master of Science in “Economics and Management of Public Administration and International Institutions”. He obtained his PhD in Public Administration from University of Parma (Italy). Before joining the Open University Business School, Alessandro spent two years as Post-Doc in Public Governance at Catholic University of Piacenza (Italy) and several teaching and/or research periods at University of Lugano (Switzerland), University of Birmingham (UK) and Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae of Lima (Peru’).
He has a professional expertise in political-management skills, stakeholder management, and organizational design. His main research interests are in new models of business and public administration in society; public leadership; public management and democracy; the relationship between politicians, managers and citizens in public organizations; collaborative management in inter-organizational collaborations; city management. Currently, he is involved in several funded international research projects on “Co-production of public services”, “Management accounting and control systems in public networks", “Collaborative advantage: innovation and evidence use between policing organizations and higher education”. Beyond his academic career, he has also acted in Italy for nine years as local councillor (Municipality of Melzo and Province of Milan) and leader of the council (Municipality of Melzo) and chaired several non-profit organizations.

Research interests

Dr Sancino’s research interests deal with creating and managing for public and shared value in the new world(s). This research vision is based on a systemic approach for understanding governance, leadership and management in the contexts of public, private and voluntary sector. Particularly, he is interested in investigating how outcomes for the public interest are created within a place. He has carried out a series of research projects that focused on the managerial work of Italian city managers, on comparative local government institutional forms, on public network performance and on the relationship between politics and administration in public organizations. Currently, he is involved in several funded research projects on “co-production of public services”, “management accounting and control systems in public networks", “collaborative advantage: innovation and evidence use between policing organizations and higher education”. Future research plans will investigate the topics of “identity of public institutions” and of “power and politics in and around organizations – managing with political astuteness”.

Teaching interests

Dr Sancino’s teaching interests centre around the areas of strategic management for public purposes, corporate social responsibility, city management and political leadership. In the past he has taught postgraduate modules on human resource management in public sector, public network management, city management and co-production of public services at the Post Graduate School Business & Society of the Catholic University of Milan. At the Open University he is a team member of B120 “Introduction to business studies” and co-author of the new B100 “Introduction to business and management”.

Impact and engagement

Chair of the Leadership Discussion Group at The Open University Business School.
Member of the organizing committee of the 2nd Meeting of the IIAS Study Group on ‘Coproduction of Public Services’, Institute of Administrative Sciences, c/o University of Bergamo (Italy), 20-21 May 2014.

External collaborations

I acted as consultant for the ECREIN+ project (European interregional cooperation to strengthen eco-innovation) financed by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund.
I have been nominated as the youngest Leader of an Italian City Council for the year 2007.

He is member of the IIAS (International Institute of Administrative Sciences) Study Group X on "Co-production of Public Services". Member of the IPMN (International Public Management Network).


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