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Dr Andrew Lindridge

Dr Andrew  Lindridge

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer in Marketing
  • The Faculty of Business and Law
  • The Open University Business School
  • Department for Strategy and Marketing
  • andrew.lindridge

Professional biography

Andrew is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and joined The Open University Business School in 2006, where he is currently involved in the School's undergraduate and MBA degree programmes.

Since 1997 Andrew’s research has focused on the marketing area of consumer behaviour and social marketing. In particular, surrounding the areas of culture, discrimination, ethnicity, migration and poverty, and how they manifest through differing aspects of consumption and marketing. This research interest is at both a national and international perspective involving research in a number of countries including China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, the UK and the USA. His current research interests continue to investigate culture and consumption related issues and have included research on black identity amongst Afro-Caribbean youths living in Britain; wedding dowries in India as a medium for culturally-laden conspicuous consumption; plastic surgery and consumption of the body as a metaphor for modernisation in China; and the role of consumption in culturally marginalized South Asian Muslim and Sikh communities in the UK. More recently his research has begun to question the implications of peoples' socio-economic exclusion from consumption and its affect on societal cohesion.

Andrew's work has appeared in a variety of refereed journals including The European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, and The Annals of Tourism. His research has been presented to global audiences at a variety of European and North American conferences, including the Association of Consumer Research (ACR), EMAC (European Marketing Association Conference) and Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) . Besides being a reviewer for a number of conferences and journals, he is the editor for Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, an Associate Editor for The Journal of Marketing Management, and Book Review Editor for Westburn Publishing. p>

He contributes to the blog accompanying the Money Programme - see his views on the world of male dieting. His research work in culture, ethnicity and consumption has also led him into a variety of consultancy projects. Finally, Andrew currently manages the Open University’s Business Network’s Business Breakfast meetings

Research interests

Research interests represent two research themes. First, the relationships between ethnic groups, differing cultures and how they interact and their affect on consumer behaviour. Particular emphasis being on how these issues affect and are used to construct self/social identities among ethnic/racial groups. Within this research area, current interests lie in the role of consumption exclusion and its affect on cultural identities, mental ill health, racism and social exclusion.

The second research theme explores issues surrounding socio-economic deprivation on the ability to consume, and how this impacts individuals as consumers, community members and citizens. In particular, the wider social and personal consequences experienced by consumers who cannot afford to engage with a consumer driven society.

Teaching interests

Teaching is a central aspect of being an academic, ensuring that students are offered an exciting learning experience. This is achieved by using a variety of examples that appear to be mundane but reveal a variety of interesting justapositions that challenge the student's perspective of marketing, , including developing empathy, critical thinking and using structuration theory. He has taught marketing at a variety of academic institutions in countries as varied as France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and of course Britain.

Impact and engagement

Editor for Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal

Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing Management

Book Review Editor for Westburn Publishing

Research publications have resulted in two awards:

Hsieh, M. - H. and Lindridge, A. M. (2005) Universal appeals with Local spec,Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 14 -29 Awarded Merit Award for contribution to Marketing
Lindridge, A. M. and Dhillon, K. (2002) The role of possessions in perpetuating marginality the case of British Indians, presented at The Academy of Marketing Sciences Cross-Cultural Marketing Conference, Valencia, Spain -Best Paper award in Consumer Behaviour Tracks

External collaborations

Researching and writing the report - ‘Keeping the faith: Spirituality and mental health recovery from mental health problems.
(ii)An investigative study into mental health provision within Europe and its compliance with various international regulations and standards of service provision. Resulted in the European Indicators Report.
Tilda Rice Ltd
(i)Developing a profile of European ethnic minorities and helping to develop a European marketing wide strategy to capitalise on the findings.
Investigating marketing opportunities amongst Bradford’s Pakistani population.

 International research partnerships, working on a variety of projects with:

(i) Professor Lisa Penaloza, EDHEC Business School (France)

(ii) Professor Sharon Beatty, University of Alabama (USA)

(iii) Professor Lenita Davis, University of Alabama (USA)

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Institute for Social MarketingInstituteThe Faculty of Business and Law
International Management Practice, Education and Learning ThemeThemeThe Faculty of Business and Law


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