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Miss Abigail Salter

Profile summary

  • Visiting Formal Academic
  • Lecturer in Policing Practice (Police Secondment)
  • The Faculty of Business and Law
  • The Open University Business School
  • abigail.salter

Professional biography

Abigail is a Detective Sergeant with Hertfordshire Constabulary but is currently on a 12 month secondment with the Centre of Police Research and Learning.   Abigail is working with a team to contribute to the Police Constable Apprenticeship Degree.  

Abigail is a very experienced Police Officer and comes from a very varied investigative background.   Abigail has worked within two UK police forces and also has worked overseas at Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, Australia as 'Subject Coordinator' for Police as Investigators 3 subject which forms part of the Associate Degree in Policing Practice (2012-2015).

Abigail’s background with the Metropolitan Police (2001 - 2012) includes working in the Criminal Investigation Department, Major Incident Room, Intelligence Unit , Burglary Squad and the Serious Sexual Offences Investigations Team. Abigail has supervised a team within the Community Safety Unit (Domestic Violence, Honour Based Violence and Hate Crime) and has been a ‘Harm, Opportunity and Threat’ supervisor. As a Detective Sergeant, Abigail has also worked on a uniform response team where she has provided guidance and leadership to uniform officers dealing with the initial evidence gathering at scenes of priority crime, critical incidents and suspicious deaths.  In 2009, Abigail received both a court and Borough Commanders Commendation for Detective ability.

Since starting with Hertfordshire Constabulary in 2012, Abigail has led investigative teams within the 'Safeguarding Command’, working in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults from Abuse team and more recently, the Sexual Offence Investigation Team. 

Abigail also has a Masters in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management.  Her research dissertation looked a 'risk compensation theory' and focused on an initiative around free 'personal beacon' hire that the Australian Police Search and Rescue teams used in the Blue Mountains National Park to reduce missing persons.     Abigail continued some work within the arena of technology and policing / missing persons whilst in Hertfordshire Police.   Abigail led on a project funded by the Police Innovation Fund which was evaluated by Dr Karen Shalev-Greene, Director of the Centre for the Study of Missing Persons at Portsmouth University.  The project was to prove a concept on if GPS locator devices can reduce the risk to vulnerable persons living with dementia at risk from going missing. 

Research interests

Missing people and technology

Wellbeing in the police