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Top global thought-leaders offer new approaches to urgent business challenges at International Leadership Week

The Institute of Leadership & Management

The Institute of Leadership & Management is hosting International Leadership Week (16-19 November), inspired by the unprecedented events of this year and the work of the late management philosopher Peter Drucker.

The free event, in collaboration with the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology (GILT), ILM, The Open University and The Oxford Group, brings together 40 international, cutting-edge thought-leaders, from 40 countries over four days, to present their fresh perspectives on leadership.

New approaches

The world is experiencing a series of cataclysmic phenomena that have shifted the focus of governments, communities and organisations. As we respond to the consequences of these events, now more than ever we need clear-sighted, enlightened, distributed leadership to guide us towards a sustainable, prosperous future.

John Mark Williams, The Institute of Leadership & Management CEO

International Leadership Week 2020, entitled ‘Leadership everywhere; we are all leaders now’, invites top global thought-leaders to share new perspectives on the approaches to leadership that are urgently needed to solve the challenges faced by today’s organisations.

New challenges

These new challenges - surviving a global pandemic, growing sustainably in a climate change emergency, navigating the societal shifts brought about by movements such as Black Lives Matter and Me Too, and in just a month following this event, the consequences that Brexit holds for world trade – require new thinking.

In just the last 10 months, the mass movement of people worldwide to remote working has necessitated leadership everywhere; we are all leaders now. Leadership executed solely in the boardroom is no longer an option. This event brings together world-renowned thought-leaders to offer advice, help and practical support to everyone who recognises the crucial role of leadership, at every level, in every organisation.

John Mark Williams, The Institute of Leadership & Management CEO

The Open University Business School is delighted to be collaborating with The Institute of Leadership & Management for this four-day free event which will feature so many prestigious international thought leaders. If ever there was an ultimate litmus test for leadership and its relevance, it is perhaps now. People running small, medium or large, local, national or multinational, for profit, government or charitable organisations, are faced with a situation of absolute uncertainty. What does a leader do in such times? How does one lead to support people when their work/home/social/personal spaces are all jumbled up?

Some of the ways I find helpful are expressing authentic empathy, offering honest reflection on the situation, and reiterating human creativity and resilience as sources of confidence. In this virtual world of work, let visibility be your virtue and compassion your signature of leadership.

Professor Devendra Kodwani, Head of The Open University Business School (OUBS) and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law (FBL)

Global thought-leaders speaking include:

The importance of contribution over achievement

Prof M.S Rao ‘#1 Thought Leader and Influencer on HR Globally’ - Thinkers360 The importance of contribution over achievement from India

Post-capitalist society and the knowledge economy

Sally Helgesen The world’s premier expert on women’s leadership (Forbes) Post-capitalist society and the knowledge economy’ from the USA

Bringing your whole self to work

Harini Chari Leadership brand strategist, social entrepreneur and people developer ‘Bringing your whole self to work’ from the Philippines

Changing the ratio of risk and reward

Bronwyn Williams Futurist, economist and business trend analyst ‘Changing the ratio of risk and reward’ from South Africa

The event is packed with interviews, panels, discussions and talks that will develop and challenge the thoughts of Peter Drucker on many topics such as balancing risk and reward, leadership of knowledge workers, work-life integration, agility and empathetic leadership - capabilities and considerations relevant to all of us in 2020.

Audience members will be encouraged to join the conversation and ask questions of our expert speakers.

Each webinar will be 30-minutes, FREE via Go To webinar, between 7am-7pm (GMT).

There will also be a 10-minute round-up podcast each day hosted by Kate Cooper, Institute Head of Research, Policy & Standards.

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The Institute of Leadership & Management is a world-renowned specialist membership body, with an active community of more than 40,000 leaders and managers, that helps individuals and organisations with their leadership development. The organisation works with first-time managers up to members of senior leadership teams, to help them become better leaders.

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