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Congratulations to Hilary Collins

Dr Hilary CollinsHilary Collins, a senior lecturer now with Executive Education, has been appointed to the honorary position of research associate with GREDEG. This is a research centre in economics, law, and management, jointly operated by the French CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. It has nearly 115 permanent members as well as 115 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Specifically, GREDEG’s scientific activities combine economic, legal and managerial perspectives around a central theme dedicated to innovation and knowledge. Hilary will be part of the research project on Eco-Innovation System and Learning.

Learning at Work Week – it’s more important than you know

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Liz Moody, Senior Lecturer and Director of Executive Education at The Open University Business School, explains in her Learning at Work Week blog why being able to prepare for and adapt to change now, more than ever, is so important.

Read the blog post here

Preparing for research funding? Take advantage of not just one, but TWO special offers for the month of May 2020!

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Turn your "free time" to "study time" and realise your potential during "lockdown".

Either purchase your first module and get your second module for free OR sign up for the entire programme (14 modules in total) at the special price of £550.

Both offers end 31 May 2020 so don’t delay, register now!

The International Funders' Award (IFA) programme, co-developed by The Open University and Wellcome Trust, provides support and evidence-based learning to researchers applying for funding.

Find out more

Preparing for research funding?

International Funders Award logo

The International Funders' Award (IFA) programme, co-developed by The Open University and Wellcome Trust, provides support and evidence-based learning to researchers applying for funding.

Special offer, claim your discount now

As a special thank you when you purchase the first module of your choice, we will give you a second module for free!

This offer ends on 30th April 2020, so sign up now and claim your second module for free when purchasing your first module for just £59!

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Coaching for Performance (BG023) short course is in its final presentation

Image of a woman in an officeTime is running out to enrol for our 50-hour short course, Coaching for Performance.

Don’t delay, register before 30 April 2020 and you have until 10 October 2020 to complete and submit your WBA.

Registration has now closed

Executive Education Symposium: Innovating Executive Education through Digital Learning

Liz Moody, Director of Executive Education at The Open University Business School, will be speaking at the Executive Education Symposium in London on Tuesday 19 November.

Register here

OUBS Short Courses. Don’t miss out – sign up today!

Time is running out to enrol for some of our 25hr short courses. Don’t delay, register now and have a minimum of 10 months to complete.

Registration has now closed

Doing well by doing good

OUBS Academic Liz Moody has written an article for latest article of The European, out now. Liz discusses how tackling social inequality requires a sustained, integrated approach to transformation. Find the article on page 54 of the virtual magazine.

Read the article

Commercial Awareness Challenge

As part of our OU@50 week, take Executive Education's free 5 step Commercial Awareness challenge, written by Liz Moody and designed to help you navigate your way towards better commercial awareness. 

It combines practical activities to practise some important management skills and theory which can assist you in organising your knowledge of your organisation. 

Having commercial awareness or being commercially aware is an increasingly important skill to improve your success at work. It isn’t something you are born with, but rather a mindset or attitude that needs to be fostered, and it starts with developing your curiosity about your organisation and how it can be successful. 

Register free

Business Network Breakfast Briefing - Work and Meaning

In this event, OUBS Academic Liz Moody discussed questions such as: Why do we work? What does work mean to you? Have you ever wondered why some people get so much satisfaction from their job while others never seem to be very engaged or motivated? Is it something that we have inside of us or are we influenced by external factors? If it’s within us, then how do we tap into this for our own benefit? Is there anything we can do as leaders to support this?  If it is externally influenced then how do we as leaders or people managers use this knowledge to improve workplace engagement and the gains that arise from that to our organisations. 

Liz Moody has for many years been interested in how to release the potential in people and the organisations they work in. She has variously tried to understand performance, effective team leadership and employee engagement. In looking at many of the ways organisations and managers seek to organise work, she has concluded that perhaps we are looking in the wrong places for answers to the wrong questions.

Watch the recording of this briefing and Q&A session by clicking the button.

Watch the recording

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