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Munich Community Event: Business Talk - Managing Innovations in an Obsolete Industry

The Munich Community will be hosting their first Business Talk, exploring the topic of 'managing innovations in an obsolete industry'. This FREE event will be facilitated by OUBS MBA graduate and Global Program Manager, Catalin Faina.

This event will look at how obsolescence has become a constant of todays consumerism. Companies who are threatened by extinction must embrace innovation more than ever; copper cables will be substituted by fibre optics, blue-rays by online streaming, online banking by digital currency, ownership of assets by renting, churches by social media and taxis by self-flying air taxis. All topics are closely linked with MBA course concepts.

We'll be exploring questions such as:

  • How can we manage innovation in an environment where standards and procedures have been setting the rules of the game?
  • How to stay profitable if current customers no longer want your product, investors become sceptical, employees fear the loss of their jobs and customers are attracted by trendier substitutes?

The themes of our thought-provoking workshop are: 

  • Diversify by redefining your business: focus on distinctive capabilities rather than existing products and customers, diversify into unrelated markets.
  • Copy from nature: learn from shapes that nature has optimised over millions of years, apply these ideal forms in new products.
  • The human approach: care for your community - as a leader, as a company and as a society, it pays off in the long run.

Join us for an engaging mini workshop, as well as the opportunity to meet like-minded people, MBA students and graduates. There will be an opportunity to network over drinks and a light buffet.

Please ensure you book in advance by emailing Sabine Sage or join through the XING group.

Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 17:30 to 20:00
Hilton Munich Park, Am Tucherpark 7, 80538 München (DE)
Sabine Sage

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