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Breakfast Briefing: The Ethics of Neoliberalism: The Business of Making Capitalism Moral

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The Open University Business Network is here to help you. We want to share our insights into leadership and management to help your business flourish – that is why we have set up the Business Network with its quarterly Breakfast Briefings.

The Business Network Breakfast Briefing will be led by Dr Peter Bloom, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Studies at The Open University Business School. 

The 21st century is the age of "neoliberalism" a time when the free market is spreading to all areas of economic, political and social life. Yet how is this changing our individual and collective ethics? Is capitalism also becoming our new morality? From the growing popular demand for corporate social responsibility to personal desire for "work-life balance" it would appear that non-market ideals are not only surviving but also thriving. Why then does it seem that capitalism remains as strong as ever?

The Ethics of Neoliberalism boldly proposes that neoliberalism strategically co-opts traditional ethics to ideologically and structurally strengthen capitalism. It produces "the ethical capitalist subject" who is personally responsible for making their society, workplace and even their lives "more ethical" in the face of an immoral but seemingly permanent free market.

Rather than altering our morality, neoliberalism "individualises" ethics, making us personally responsible for dealing with and resolving its moral failings. In doing so, individuals end up perpetuating the very market system that they morally oppose and feel powerless to ultimately change.

Peter will be presenting the dangers of this “ethics” and how managers as well as organisations can help to foster an alternative and more genuinely progressive culture for their employees.

Picture of Dr Peter Bloom

Dr Peter Bloom

is a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Studies at The Open University Business School. His primary research interests include ideology, subjectivity and power, specifically as they relate to broader discourses and everyday practices of capitalism and democracy.

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The Breakfast Briefing event is held at The Open University’s campus in Milton Keynes with breakfast served at 08:00. The presentation will start at 08:30 – 09:30 with an opportunity for networking at the end.

We expect this event to be very popular, so please book early as places are limited.

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The Breakfast Briefings are a series of face-to-face events, as part of The Open University Business Network. These events aim to foster collaboration and create an opportunity to explore together the latest and best of business thinking. We understand business and want to help your business flourish by sharing our insights into leadership and management at this series of collaborative events. In between briefings, why not join in on LinkedIn.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 08:00 to 10:00
Hub Suite (Juniper & Medlar), The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
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